About The Ryan Harrington Band

A few Words about Us

Photo courtesy of Matthias Naumann - www.aqua-foto.com

Original Music

The Ryan Harrington Band came together initially in the summer of 2017. Nicole Hänsch and Ryan Harrington met Max Wächtler and started playing together. The trio found bassist, Matthias Baumhauer, in the summer of 2018 and Tobias Eberhardt joined up on Saxophone at the end of 2018. In 2019 Stefan Kumpe began helping out on drums and percussion and in the summer of 2019, The Ryan Harrington Band rounded out its lineup with the addition of keyboardist, Kristian Kaiser. The band has just released its debut album, On the right Path, and is already preparing to go into the studio for its second album.

The band prides themselves on playing original music. Of course you can hear the occasional cover live, but the vast majority of the material is written and arranged by the members in the band. This is important to us, to bring new material we have written to you. We hope you enjoy our unique blend of music.

How do you describe yourselves? A promoter asked us this question for advertising. He wanted to write a small description of our band on his website. That was a very good question! Blues, yes we play Blues, but we got a little Soul, a pinch of Jazz, a healthy dose of Rock with some Funk thrown in for good measure. What are we? You decide!

What We Offer

A Unique Live Experience

Photo courtesy of Matthias Naumann - www.aqua-foto.com

We guarantee a one-of-a-kind live show, packed with high energy, original music and excellent musicianship. We are at home playing everything from the dive bar on the corner to the outdoor music festival and everything in between.

Professional Attitude

Photo courtesy of Matthias Naumann - www.aqua-foto.com

We come to play. It is always great to have a good time and party, which we love to do, but we come to play. We come with our A-Game, a professional attitude, and excellent preparation.

Quality Musicianship

Photo courtesy of Matthias Naumann - www.aqua-foto.com

All of the members of The Ryan Harrington Band are excellent musicians with a lot of experience. We know our instruments, we have played thousands of shows in our respective musical journeys. We know what's going on and how to "get it done!"